So I'm going to start off by saying that I looked all over the internet for solutions but to no avail, Everything people say to do like turning of Firewall (For some reason?) does not work. And here I am, having to post a forum post about it. So what the problem is that when I download something (Take note that my internet is horrendous right now) it goes at about 10 - 14 kilobytes a second but at a completely random point in the downloading process it "instantly" downloads, when I open the file up it has an error that I can't remember the error code for at the moment. So than that's when I went and got a file corruption tool. I used it and it says that it has been repaired but when I tried to open it, it says "Windows could not complete the extraction, the destination file could not be created" so I looked up the error code and it told me to move the file out of the "bad spot of the hard drive", I do this and it gives me another error! The error code for this one was "Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error" I look this one up and it and it only tells me this happens after I upgrade from Windows 98 Second edition! The oldest version I used was Windows XP and the oldest one I used on this PC was Windows 7! So here I am, stopped dead in my tracks and now looking for help on the windows 10 forums.