I have a very strange issue that seems to me to be some kind of bad interaction between W10, Google Chrome, and pdf files, and possibly Surface Pro 3.

I have set Chrome as my default pdf viewer (following the instructions here http://techdows.com/2015/08/how-to-c...indows-10.html). Now, Chrome works fine when accessing a pdf through a web link, the pdf shows just fine in Chrome (for example any of these pdf test - Google Search).

However, for pdf's that are downloaded to my HD, Chrome just makes a copy of the file in the download folder, just as if it had re-downloaded the file. The pdf is not displayed. And this happens whether I double click a pdf in explorer, a pdf attachment in my email client, or a pdf listed by Chrome among the recent downloads at the bottom of Chrome's window.

This is W10x64 on a Surface Pro 3, and it works the same whether in tablet mode or not. On two other machines (Dell and Asus laptops) I have this working just fine, the issue is only on the Surface Pro 3 machine.

Does anyone know what to do to get Chrome to display local pdf's?
All ideas are welcome.