I setup and shipped a new Wndows 10 configured desktop/workstation to a professional who is replacing a failed workstation in a small office that has an existing Exchange server setup and their own website/domain [the email accounts are on the domain]. This workstation [Windows 10 Pro x64] has Office Home & Business 2010 freshly setup on it. From reading, declined to touch Outlook before the customer gets it and puts on the LAN internally. There have been obviously a lot of issues just getting the initial Profile setup right: the icon/applet might be missing from the Control Panel altogether, registry keys can be missing or invalid, Outlook may start in Safe Mode unexpectedly. etc. This thread is an example of such diseases and some cures, as of 3 yrs back: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/o...d-332bf1cd90de

Some of you have been through this and know the ropes. Please point me to a link or something that does the best job of explaining how to do this AT THIS TIME [given all the updates etc to this date] 1] if Control Panel entry is RIGHT, and 2] what to do if that "recommended" approach fails.
I thank you SO MUCH in advance. These poor folks have been through a lot and I want to get them started clean on this try

P.S./edit: is it necessary to first setup "Outlook" as the default Email app in "Settings" ?