I have had problems with Edge opening my Facebook etc very slowly. I even downloaded Firefox to see if it was faster. I prefer Chrome. It is much faster than Edge or Firefox. However, there is something weird happening. When I start my computer and tell Cortana "Facebook log in" it opens up with Chrome and some other pages but some pages open with Edge. Now I know that Outlook, my Hotmail, is a Microsoft product so I wasn't surprised that it opens with Edge but some other pages open with Edge and some with Chrome. Am I missing something. I went to Settings and looked where it says Browsers and it says that Chrome is my default. I gave Edge a 4 month chance. I had Chrome set as my default and Microsoft sent down a large update, it set Edge as my default. I got tired of the slow speed in opening my web pages, Facebook,etc. I only play one game in Facebook and Edge caused it to be so slow when playing it. I reset Chrome as my default and now the game is way faster. Getting to the web page is not the problem, using it once you log in is. Does anyone have any suggestions?