I'm not really sure if there is anything I can do about this. I can seem to manage to fix it, I'm wondering if there is a way to prevent it. I'm currently trying to find the cause.

Every day for the past few days, I will end up with broken images, usually involving Facebook, where every image is broken. But yesterday it was also in my gmail inbox, where the buttons showed up as blank and placing a checkmark in the squares beside emails did not show anything. Functionality was there, but the images showing what the functions were to be were blank. When this has happened, it has affected Chrome and Opera, but not Firefox. The only thing that seems to restore the images is if I delete the cache in both browsers (not one, it has to be both or it won't work) for the past week and then restart the computer.

I think it might be a corrupt image in one particular page. I will try not navigating to that page for the next 24 hours and see if the problem happens again. I am thinking of that particular page because the problem first started when I tried to make that my home page in the Chrome browser.

I'm using Hitman Pro Alert, but the problem started happening before I even installed that, so I don't think Hitman is causing it. I am not using any ad blocker extension in Chrome, and this is where the problem first occurs and this is the browser I use the most. When it occurs, I go to Opera to see if it is affected as well, and it always is.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?