Have an issue with the 2 browsers (chrome and explorer).

Chrome was working just fine today then stop working. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Did not work.

The issue says that Chrome is unable connect to the internet.

Windows says that I am connected to the internet(Ethernet).

I can logon just fine with internet explorer (I can access the internet and visit web pages). However, it seems if I ever try to click on a link, exlorer more or less craps the bed and sits there. Something about script too long (script error). and there is a constant popup from the bottom that asks if I should allow popups from this site.

This is my parent's computer, they are not tech-savvy, so I am doing my best to help them. This is my first encounter with windows 10 and it feels like crawling through a labyrinth

My father managed to get malware on the computer which may be the original culprit in all this. Got rid of the malware. Did a few scans with Kaspersky, spybot and malware bytes. Everything seems to be in order as far as that goes.

Just unable to browse the web with chrome or efficiently with internet explorer.

Thanks for your help.

Should I seek help from google support forums as well?