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       08 May 2016 #11

    TairikuOkami said: View Post
    ... Well good for you, I have experienced loosing emails, problems with accessing email at all due to MS policies and so on.
    Not to mention, MS renames it every 2-3 years, which complicates things. Hotmail -> Live -> Outlook -> what is next?
    So YOUR personal experience using it should be the final say as to whether the service is reliable or not? Why can you completely dismiss paulsalter's experience?

    My experience mirrors his, I've had my hotmail email address since 1998 (my main email address) and have never lost a single email or had any significant difficulty accessing the service (no more so than any other on-line service such as forums like this one). The fact that MS has changed the name of the service several times is a non-issue for me since my email address has been the same for all 18 years.
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  2.    08 May 2016 #12

    Following the email from Microsoft re Outlook and Windows Live Mail.I tried it and had No problems when applying both mine and the wife's Hotmail accounts,but when I tried to enter my service providers account though it loaded and worked there were NO folders other than Inbox Sent and Trash all the other folders belonging to that particular account were missing,I tried using settings to try and throw light on the issue but could not see anything that was useful to the matter in hand, do you think this will be sorted later or because it isn't a Microsoft email account we will get treated like a non entity
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  3.    08 May 2016 #13

    At the risk of being redundant, I am experiencing issues I previously outlined in my last post I never saw until recently. As I said, it is so coincidental with this new 'naming' process that maybe they are tweaking and disturbing. I never has any issues but certainly do now, with both of our Outlook.com accounts.
    I hope they sort it out soon. Try clicking on the Outlook.com big box upper left to se if that resets or refreshes your folders.
    It dos with me but I still can't get to see a sent confirmation. I have to look in the sent folder.
    Does anyone have this problem?
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       09 May 2016 #14

    I'm not sure what you mean by a "sent confirmation", I don't get anything other than a copy is placed in the Sent folder. I don't recall ever getting a "sent confirmation". Are you talking about some sort of a popup message or something that appears in your inbox?

    As to you needing to click on the outlook.com button at the top to see your new messages, I don't need to do that and I don't see any settings that control when things are synced with the server.
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  5.    09 May 2016 #15

    I have tried sending three emails on my phone and none of them work so I will reply to you when I get to my computer basically they say that I used to get message sent and that I used to open outlook.com and seeing new emails but I don't I hope you have both talking about the same program which is outlook.com and not Outlook.

    >>I am now at my computer. This is not a big issue but I just wanted to thank you for your reply and explain my situation.
    I used to login in to Outlook.com, not Outlook, and see any new emails. Now I see a page where I am ready to compose. To see my new emails I have to click the upper left box and the emails appear.
    Next, whenever I sent an email it said 'email successfully' sent. It does not now so I check my sent folder.
    I know some if not all is redundant but I wanted to be clear.
    Lastly, from my phone, whenever I tried to edit a post the post disappeared. I tried 3 times.
    I wonder if my Galaxy is at fault or if the forum has an issue on its end.
    Last edited by maranna; 09 May 2016 at 11:47.
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       09 May 2016 #16

    I can't duplicate your issue so don't know how to help you. It's not a Win 10 issue so my suggestion would be to ask your question in the outlook.com forum here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/o...m/forum?auth=1
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  7.    09 May 2016 #17

    Thank you for the link. :)
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