So I'm trying to get the best out of YouTube by playing videos on a max of 1080p 60fps (my laptop monitor has a resolution of 1600x900) when possible. Unfortunately, when I'm playing these videos at this quality, the video stops for a second or half every few seconds or so. The frame-rate between these stutters is okay, but the stuttering itself is what's bothering me.

So first off, I tried using task manager/Process Manager 2 to set Google Chrome's priority to high and permanently keep it every time I launch it, didn't work. I set the priorities of other programs that used my PC's performance as much or close to how Chrome used, still didn't work. Set Chrome's priority to real-time: didn't noticed any stuttering fortunately but the problem was replaced with audio issues so I set it back to high.

I also tried using Razer Cortex's game boost feature and stop processes that I didn't need when playing chrome, or games for that matter, and I still didn't noticed any differences.

So I looked to Chrome itself and see what I can do to it to help. I searched a few popular YouTube enhancers on the Chrome Store and tried them, but no differences are what I saw. I looked on forums online via Google Search to see if other people had similar issues and I found some suggestions, however these didn't work out either. Disabling hardware acceleration only made the difference of reducing frame-rate, I don't how Flash or HTML 5 playback works, and I don't know if the issue is a hardware or networking issue.

I tried to see if I have any internet issues and so far, I had a download speed of approx. 90mb/s and an upload speed of approx. 12mb/s.

I also don't know if hardware's of concern:
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If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know.