Windows 10: Missing sound on online videos in IE 11

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    Missing sound on online videos in IE 11

    Hi there.
    I have a user that struggles with getting sound then she plays videos in IE 11. She have done a reset of IE 11 to default settings several times. But, then she opens another porogram like Outlook and go back to the video the sound is not there anymore. Ideas, people?

    I have uninstalled and installed the audio unit again. The audio driver was the latest. Windows 10 is version 1511.

    The computer is a Dell optiplex 9020m:
    OptiPlex 9020 Micro PC Desktop | Dell

    So far I have read that windows 10 has had some issues with the audio. Anyone that has the same problems with no sound playing online videos on a Dell Optiplex 9020m with Windows 10?

    Thanks for all tips and answers.
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    The sound issues minor in nature here are not from 10 so much but the 8.1 update for the sound card. One fast solution for online playback however would be trying the latest Firefox or Waterfox release if the 64bit Windows is in use and not the 32bit flavor of 10. You may want to check the IE Tools>Options>Advanced tab and scroll down to the bottom section to see if the Play sounds on web pages box is checked or not.
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    Night Hawk said: View Post
    You may want to check the IE Tools>Options>Advanced tab and scroll down to the bottom section to see if the Play sounds on web pages box is checked or not.
    It wasn't checked so I did. Closed IE11. opened IE11. Checked box OK. Tried a video on Youtube. Played with sound. Closed IE11. Did a restart. Opened IE11. The box was still checked. Opened Youtube again. Checked the box which now was not checked.

    Another computer was the same as the upper until restartet it. When it lost the setting Play sounds on webpages.

    Did try this at least 3 times with exactly the same result.
    Any bright ideas?

    Can I force a checked box with GPO?
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    I would say IE11 itself is where the problem is from finding that box unchecked only after going to run a YT clip while remaining checked off at every other time you look. Personally while still seeing IE11 enabled on 10 I generally have given up on it entirely since it's earlier IE 9 and 10 versions became problematic and went for the 64bit Waterfox variant of FF being the first 64bit form seen.

    Edge while still being a "work in progress" doesn't seem to have any problems while some embedded videos have been seeing the Adobe Flash Player allow/deny notification glued on top when in FF or Waterfox. Going from Insider Preview build to build I will occasionally run into a few minor bugs with the Windows assigned wav files for Sounds not playing back. The last two builds in particular have run into that while the general playback and even for gaming as well as media playback has been trouble free.

    The main problem is not presently seeing enough 10 drivers available as each new version of Windows generally takes a full year to see most made available. So for sound here I went to the Creative support site and ended up using the 8.1 update's web updater in order to see actual 10 drivers download and install. But that wasn't anything browser related item.

    Since you otherwise are not having any issues you know the correct drivers that work on already installed there and have to look at IE11 as not having been put on fully if the pc there didn't come with 10 already on and instead you had seen an upgrade take place. Upgrade installs can come out buggy in various ways at times.

    Before 10 came along you used to be able to manually edit the System Registry in order to remove all entries for IE and see it removed entirely and then download IE separately to replace the buggy form of what comes in Windows with a fresh download. That hasn't been tried in 10 as far as I know with Edge now being the replacement MS is pushing and one reason why I have several browsers installed. If one suddenly goes buggy with a new release the next will be set as the default until one or more newer releases for the first are out.
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    I just ran some test with different users on 2 exactly SCCM deployed computers.
    On some users it was checked off and on some users not.
    I think it is a GPO that may do that.
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    That would tend to make a lot more sense if it should turn out to be a 3rd party culprit. You will need to test that idea a bit to confirm that it is however. Are those also running 10 as well?
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    Yes, and I ran a test on a Windows 7 computer.
    Turns out the same problems occurred there to.
    With the same users.
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    IE has always been known to be flaky at times! This is one of the main reasons besides Tablet/Mobile mixed with Desktop OS is seeing MS move on dumping IE entirely for Edge which is a major overall while still being a major project in the works as far as infancy browsers go! It won't be ready for prime time while IE has always been around following the 9x family line up!
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