Windows 10 Mobile Syncing Issues With Outlook Account Emails/Contacts

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    Windows 10 Mobile Syncing Issues With Outlook Account Emails/Contacts


    Hopefully this is the right arena to post this thread in/under..
    I recently purchased a AT&T branded Lumia 950, and running Production OS: 10.0.10586.164, and latest Firmware: 01078.00038.160025.39033, I'm having issues with email syncing and losing contacts in on the mobile device?

    I only have two email accounts, and Gmail...all Gmail syncing of emails and contacts in fine, however takes time to sync, and loses contacts! I have done a lot of research...on this and see many 'Feedback issues' on this topic:
    I have hard reset the device from a complete, clean install, and utilized the Windows Device Recovery Tool Insider Program-either..still issues with syncing emails, but the contacts not syncing is quite troubling....I have not lost contacts like others have reported! I keep a relatively small, very clean contact list...all Gmail account contacts are fine as is syncing..

    I reviewed where another Lumia 950XL user chatted with MS Customer Support and they suggested to create a new Microsoft account.....then sync all info, contacts, OneDrive, Skype, People app, however Microsoft accounts can not be merged.. I have a>as my Primary alias, with a alias, but see no way to create a new Microsoft account, without losing everything....

    Any advice here would be greatly appreciated....and apologies if indeed this thread is in the wrong category..

    '18/03/2016, 1645: SOLUTION FOR EMAIL/CONTACTS SYNCHRONISATION: Will be trying this tonight, will create another hotmail account and then transfer contacts from the problematic hotmail account to the new hotmail account and then link the new hotmail account to the 950 XL and then Synchronise (<-- This Worked!)'

    The above was quoted from the Microsoft Answer forums---Windows Mobile 10-Lumia 950 Issues

    Thanks for moving this to the more appropriate arena..:) Mods
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    Well, I see that the People app was updated yesterday for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile 10...syncing now seems better, however a couple of contacts ( account) still do not sync/show up from my PC to my Lumia biggie as I just can't afford to lose a ton of info:
    All Microsoft services, Office 2016, Skype, OneDrive, I will deal with!


    If you remove an alias from an EASI account, that address will immediately become available to anyone else who wants to use it.

    If you remove an @Hotmail or an @MSN email address, it cannot be recovered. '

    Just for 'peace-of-mind', I have contacted MS Support (as they will have access to sensitive account information, and report back here when I receive a


    Microsoft Customer Support
    6:55 PM (12 hours ago)

    to me

    Hello Glenn,

    We appreciate the detailed description of your issue. We understand how important for you to sync your contacts on different devices. Let's work together in solving this matter.

    Just to verify, were you able to see your contacts list when you access your account via web browser ( Also, kindly provide us sample contacts that you cannot view on your mobile device but are showing on your People app.

    We look forward to your response.


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    I'm having exact same issue, starting around the same time. I'm wondering if it's related to migration of accounts to the new experience. What support did you contact as I'd like to go through it with the same branch
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    This was the result of my Answer Desk experience and a reset of my phone:
    "Rey E
    Alright. I have forwarded the case to the Accounts Escalations Team. There is not ongoing server upgrade however accounts are on the process of migration. That means accounts will be transferred to a new server. The turnaround time provided by the team is 2-3 hours.
    4:03 pm"

    So let's see...
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    Jarrett said: View Post
    This was the result of my Answer Desk experience and a reset of my phone:
    "Rey E
    Alright. I have forwarded the case to the Accounts Escalations Team. There is not ongoing server upgrade however accounts are on the process of migration. That means accounts will be transferred to a new server. The turnaround time provided by the team is 2-3 hours.
    4:03 pm"

    So let's see...

    Ok m8, lets see if we can solve this through MS Support services, as I too feel that this is a MS server upgrade issue with various Outlook accounts being affected by the migration process...In fact, I have quoted your above case that was forwarded to the Accounts Escalations Team...Here is where I contacted them: Microsoft Customer Support


    We appreciate your time in getting back to us and providing additional information regarding this issue. We understand your frustration with regards to still not being able to sync your contacts to your mobile device.

    I've checked the screenshots provided and it seems our system stripped the file that's why were unable to view them on our end. Since we're contacting you directly via email, we can’t receive files as attachments. For us to view the files, please upload them through OAS (Online Assisted Services) website. Use the email notification you received from Microsoft Customer Support. Click on the first link in that email and then sign into it using the email address you used to submit this support request. Once signed in, follow the steps below to upload the files:

    1. On the General Issue screen, click on “New message”.
    2. Click on the “Browse” button and select the file in your computer.
    3. Once uploaded, you can add comments in the text box (optional).
    4. Click “Submit” button.

    We look forward hearing from you.


    Lets see what happens next....

    "Hi Jean,

    Ran the Windows Update Diagnostic app for Error code: 0x80072efe....attached file...

    I have recently performed a clean install on my Windows 10 Pro-laptop, and also utilized the Windows Device Recovery Tool to perform a clean reinstall, hard reset on my Windows 10 Mobile device Lumia 950....also ran DISM and SFC/Scannow commands on issues reported..."

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    Ok, this morning both Outlook Mail app clients were updated for me:

    Outlook Mail app (Windows 10 Pro-PC) v17.6769.40791.0
    Outlook Mail app (Windows 10 Mobile) v17.6769.40792.0

    When performing syncing on both...still takes awhile, and when apparently finished, it shows:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Outlook Mail_Windows 10 Mobile.png 
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ID:	73589Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Outlook_Syncing_Windows 10 Pro_PC.png 
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Size:	803.4 KB 
ID:	73590

    So I will upload theses pics to my Microsoft Support (OSA) link....however right now, can't as MS servers can't perform!

    Just signed up for a early entry to the new ----->Let see what happens next..
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    Thank you for getting back to us. My name is Feverlyn and I will be assisting you today.
    As long as you can view your emails in People page ( and in the People app on your Windows 10 PC, your account is doing well. Since this issue is only happening on a Windows Phone and you have already tried hard reset on it, we have a separate department that has the expertise and handle this type of concern. We suggest you to get in touch with our Windows Phone Support Team. You can reach them through this link:
    We hope this information helps in addressing this issue. If you have any concern with, please contact us again and we’ll gladly assist you with it.
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    Hi Feverlyn

    Unfortunately the Windows Support Windows Phone Device link (kindly provided) only allows chat sessions...where I have uploaded a lot of there a link to OSA arena for Window Phone Support?

    My name is Jessa from Support.
    I hope you are doing well.
    We are sorry to know that you are having issues reaching our support in Windows Phone. I'll give you another way so you will be directed to the right support where you can provide screenshots.
    I recommend you to contact our Community website by going to this link:
    Click Participate and choose Ask a Question to submit a request.
    Although I need to refer you on that dept., I can assure you that the team who takes care of this issue is very capable in helping you resolve this issue.
    If you have questions, please let us know.

    Really, I have manually added the 'missing contacts' for now...thankfully not that many, I think that I will be patient and wait until the team (Windows 10 Mobile) gets it more

    "Continued commitment to stability, sync reliability and accessibility. With each of the app updates we’ve released, quality of the experience in stability, sync reliability across your Windows devices, and accessibility are priorities for our team."
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    Windows 10 Mobile Syncing Issues With Outlook Account Emails/Contacts it seems that servers are starting to make the 'migration process'...although still on the older version of the email program...10 Tiles still showing, I have just received...the 'misplaced 10-15' or so email contacts on both my Windows 10 Pro laptop, but more importantly on my Lumia 950...

    OS: 10586.212 on both PC and Mobile Device...thanks Joel (MS MVP)...once again.
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    Hi, with the recent migration of my MSN account to the new account now on both my PC and Lumia 950, I'm constantly getting on both PC and Mobile Outlook Mail and People Apps: Error Code: 0x8600c0f on Outlook Mail apps, and Error Code: 0x8600010f on both PC and Mobile People apps...
    Have deleted account and please..
    Thanks Have googled both Error Codes but no solutions....
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