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This is solely for touch based portrait browsing on a Windows tablet. Edge works how I want in 50% of the cases because a lot of sites are responsive and you just have to zoom to a certain level to get the site to go from desktop adaption to mobile. But this does not apply to one single Google related site (probably intentional from Google). I'll take YouTube as an example. On my Android tablet I get this nice mobile oriented layout (N.B. this is NOT the YouTube app but in a browser)

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A nice, one column structure with no sidescrolling possible at all. On my Windows tablet going to or the non mobile URL in Edge only gives me the desktop version. Even if I zoom to 1000% it does not change. I do not prefer to watch videos in portrait mode if that's what you think, but this applies to anything google related, search, translate, you name it. Using these in portrait mode is not a good experience. Can Edge, or some other UWP browser, force a strict mobile user agent?

If you do feel the urge to let me know how inferior my Windows usage is or how stupid this question is, please go ahead if that makes you feel better about yourself, but I'll appreciate anything constructive.