hi, having the same issue, tried setting up my pop parent's account, but when i do the test message, it falls over, also getting an issue, when i go to settings, forward and pop, says pop is not enabled, in firefox, and got windows 10 64 bit pro. did do a reset and keep all my files, as a blind it student using the jaws for windows screen reader, and when i do a control f 9, using office 2010 pro 32 bit, could not install the 64 bit, it keeps asking for my parent's password, put it in, check the checkbox, click okay, then keep repeating,a nd i cannot download my mail, if i do that for all mail, downloads all the mail. just want the current messages, and tried to set up imap, will a windows reset, and not keep my settings, do have a idt audio drivers, will that wipe all the audio drivers, which gives me my speech and settings. is there a tool, and have gone into app data, removed the account and all pst files, before, i then went to the account in outlook, removed it, help? this is frustrating, tried mail win 10, not working for me, thunderbird is okay, but it asks me for imap, and want pop. please help, really like outlook, unless, there's a outlook express for windows 10, there's is, but you have to pay, and dont have a credit card. help. marvin from adelaide, australia.