Thank you in advance for your help.
I have an unusual problem.
I have a PC with Windows 10, and I'm using the stock mail application.
I have added 2 accounts, a pop3 account and a Gmail account.
The Gmail account works fine, but the pop 3 account will only display the message header, and not the body of the email. when you click on "download message and pictures", nothing happens.
I've found other people online that have similar problems, but what I have not come across is an answer...
I'm hoping someone here can help.

Windows 10 Mail, version 17.6308.42271.0
Dell OptiPlex 7010, 3.86 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM,
this is the first program installed off of a clean installation of Windows 10.

the pop 3 account was set up as follows:
outgoing server -, requires authentication
incoming server -
...and of course my email address & pw
It did not, however, give me a chance to identify the port, (995 in my case) if that matters.

(As a side note, when I attempted to go back and review the settings for that pop3 account, I could not find where to make changes once you've got the account set up... I wonder if in order to change your settings, do you have to delete the entire account?)