It's 2:30 am, just got done on "chat" with HP. Told the story, etc., said I'd give it one more shot. I started (trying) to use it again lately.....and the longer I do, more of the same problems as before come back....and even a couple of new ones.

What a company.....I was one week past their return policy, and with all the problems, they wouldn't take this lemon back. The guy on chat just said he'd have someone else contact me......a 'case manager'...hoo-wee, that sounds technical. Someone on some HP support forum asked me about the situation last week, but I said forget it, at the end of my rope with this thing, bfore giving it away and/or smashing it up. But.....gonna give it one more shot I guess.

They'll probably end up with one (more) disgruntled permanent ex-customer that will never touch HP again. Was it considered kind of the wrong way to go when I bought it direct from HP? I assumed that was the best.