I really need advice on my terribly odd issue.

I'm having similar,. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but for me its mail and edge browser.

I've asked for help in several threads but no answers tell me 'why' this is happening, they all just want me to reinstall, and that's a lot of hassle. Its like throwing away a car because the alternator isn't working right

Edge doesn't always remember , you can't 'easily' export tabs ( its a nightmare to do it), there is no 'save all tabs' or the 'ie 11 way', so its a nightmare.

Mail was working, no idea what happened, but it always worked fine.

SFC scan found something, I have a cbs.log file with a lot of errors but Have no idea how to identify what occured or fix it.

chksdk found no errors, so its not my hardware I don't think.

My mother board is the only thing that's 'designed for windows 7' whatever that means, but while edge and mail aren't working right, I never have any problems with 3rd party utilities, or 3d apps like maya, unreal engine #4, meshmixer and similar 3d apps. All never crash, no problems so I sincerely doubt its me.

Can the cbs.log file help identify whats going wrong and fix it instead of reinstalling ?

Also , is this common, is this MS, is this my end ? I get this OFTEN at outlook.com, and I've seen it over time, and its doing it really bad now making me think all my issue are on MS"s end, pls see below attachment:

I got that error a soon as I logged into my account, as seen in my name, next to picture of my dog on far left ( Sandy :) .)