Just recently Edge has been giving me an error message stating "There is a problem with this site's security certificate" when I try to log onto my work site remotely. I know the site well, have spoken to their IT department and have been assured the certificate is up to date. I have verified my computer has the correct date and time. I have tried accessing the site with MS IE with the same results. There is an option to ignore the warning and proceed anyway, but nothing happens when I click it. Fire Fox allows me to get to the website and log in, but then it seems Citrix will not allow me to access the content. I had previously been able to access the site and its content with Edge. I am not aware that anything has changed on my computer and the IT department for the site I am trying to access notes that they are not having any problem with remote access when they personally log on, and have not received any other calls about problems. They note multiple users are currently logged on. They insist the problem is in my computer. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I am currently running W10 Pro version 1511 on a Dell machine with Intel Core i7 920 @2.67GHz and 8.00 GB RAM. 64 bit system. I use both Fire Fox and MS Edge as browsers both of which are up to date.