I notice that Chrome icon pinned to taskbar has inconsistent behavior between my Windows 10 Pro installs. (My taskbar is configured for "Taskbar buttons: Never combine", but it makes no difference)

1. On one machine clicking on pinned Chrome icon expands that pinned icon "in place", i.e. the pinned icon expands and becomes a wide taskbar entry for Chrome window. This is the normal behavior for Windows 10.

2. On another machine clicking on pinned Chrome icon creates a new taskbar entry for the new Chrome window. The new expanded entry appears in the taskbar to the right of the pinned icons, while the original pinned Chrome icon remains unchanged. This behavior is similar to that of ordinary Windows 7 Quick Launch bar.

So far only Chrome behaved in this inconsistent fashion. Other pinned icons consistently behave in accordance with the first scenario.

So, would could possibly be the reason for a pinned Chrome icon to follow the latter behavior?