Hi Gurus and Geneii,

Before THE BIG UPGRADE, I enjoyed Windows Mail but, after it, appeared to have both Windows Mail and Mail. Preferring the old, I blitzed the new, because Windows Mail works fine for me and messages seem to come through more quickly. Also, until recently, the Windows Mail calendar worked well, chucking up my reminders, the day before, as requested when I opened up the programme, first thing.

Now (after an update?) it's gone broke. I have to remember to look at the brief summary of the week's engagements, bottom right - because, now, the Outlook.com Calendar comes up and assures me that I have 'no events on ...,(today) - when I have; and, at 77, missing them makes people shake their heads and wonder if the time has not now come to have me committed()

I don't think I am committing the request for reminders to the wrong Calendar - but wonder if the wrong Calendar has taken control of my life - and wonder if anyone knows what I can do about it?