Hi there.
Just wondering if there are any SKY GO users here --I love it for UK football (Premier league on Sky sports).

However because it still uses Silverlite security one is forced to continue to use IE11 (although I believe there are some unofficial workarounds to get this stuff to work on Google Chrome).
The Android app works fine but you can't cast to an external screen (Mirroring gets disabled) so you are forced to use a browser on a PC for relly nice HD pics.

SKY don't even seem to realize that W10 even EXISTS - and that's using UK call centres - once you get transferred to an Indian call centre - then it's another whole Ball game : "What's SKY GO -- We don't have any information on that Service " !!!.

Can't understand the logic here -- a service people will legally sign up and PAY for puts so many obstacles in the way of legitimate users accessing the service compared with some "Pirate streams" which work instantly without any mega problem that I often use these "Alternative streams" even though I am quite happy paying for the legal service.