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    Win 10/ Browsers

    Hi all.

    I've had Windows 10 since about July of 2015. At first I did the in-place upgrade on my previous Windows 8.1 system. Then a month or so later, I did a clean install via a USB drive; that's what I've been using since (and it's Windows 10 Home, 64-bit).

    I've noticed something for.....oh, I don't know....for about a month now? At first I thought it was just me, but after some checking around with friends & colleagues (and even those that work in the tech field), they say they've noticed it too.

    With either the Edge browser, or, the good ol' Internet Explorer, web pages are slow to load and practically get "stuck" sometimes.

    I use as my home page. When I click on a link on the home page, when that next page is slow to load and respond. When I use my center mouse wheel to scroll down the page, it's like it gets "stuck".....and then all of the sudden start scrolling again even though my finger hasn't stopped flicking on the mouse wheel; the page just stops scrolling and then picks up scrolling after like a 3 to 5 second pause.

    And when I go to exit the browser completely by clicking on the red "X" in the top right-hand corner....there's another 3 to 5 second delay before it closes out.

    Like I said, I thought it was just me at first, but friends & colleagues say they've noticed it too. One of my techie friends say it may have something to do with Microsoft's Edge or IE not handling HTML5 very well. When I thought it was just me, I was checking for things like viruses/ spyware/ malware, etc. I don't have toolbar add-ons, and I even ran HiJackThis just to make sure.

    I have Firefox, also, which seems to load pages faster & scroll better, but, a weird thing with that? As I mentioned, I use as my home page, and many of their articles have a part down at the bottom where it will say "Comments/ Join the Conversation"; you click there and you get to see people's feedback & opinions. In Firefox, the Comment/ Conversation section doesn't even show up. Weird.

    So....anyone else observe this poor browser response with Edge/ IE? Slow to load....gets "stuck"....clicking the "X" to exit is also slow?

    I've used Google Chrome in the past, but the one thing that bugged me about that was that it was a pain in the you-know-what to figure out how to turn off automatic updates; I think it eventually came down to an edit/ modification of the registry. Most people couldn't give a hoot about whether auto updates is on or not; I just prefer to do it manually. I can do it with IE & Firefox, but not Chrome.

    Is there a Setting that perhaps is effecting my browsers? You know how in Settings/ Updates & Security/ Windows Updates/ Advanced Options/ Choose How Updates are Delivered/ Updates from more than one place/, there's that part that says, "When this is turned on, your PC may also....."? Well I have that slider switch to "Off".

    What's with the Edge & IE browsers? Anybody else out there experiencing this? Any help or info?


    P.S. Oh, almost forgot: I found something in these forums from a Search I did, but it didn't really help. It's where you open IE (even though this is supposed to somehow help the Edge browser), go to Tools/ Internet Options, and on the General tab's Browsing History, click on the Settings button, and then click on the Move Folder button, create a new folder for it to go to, and increase the Disk space to use from 250 to 1,024. Didn't help. Both Edge & IE browsers still slow to respond, get "stuck" while scrolling through a long page with my mouse wheel, and when clicking on the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.......there's a looooong delay before the browser window closes out
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    Hi Pez,

    I'm wondering about your system memory.

    Perhaps you might want to bring up the Task Manager (Right-click Taskbar > Task Manager / Performance tab). Click the memory option / icon along the left pane and take a look at the graph, just to make sure everything looks OK in there. It might be a good idea to get that set up before you launch the browser to see if there's an obvious increase.

    With the amount of memory these days it's unlikely, but it might be worth a quick look. Also, perhaps see how things work in Safemode too.

    If things seem to work fine in Safemode, then that seems to indicate you might have something running when Windows starts in normal mode, which might causing these problems.

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  3. Pez
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    Hi b1rd; thanks for the reply.

    OK: with no other programs running except for opening the Edge browser to look at this forum post (and, in Task Manager, this excludes Background Processes), here's what I found on the Performance tab:

    CPU: 1%
    Memory: 2.4/ 8.0 GB (30%)
    Disk (C) 1%
    Ethernet: 8Kbps

    And, as I'm sure you already know, any of those numbers/ percents I gave above constantly fluctuate.

    With regard to the specific memory info you requested: I take it you were looking for a high percentage of usage of the memory? Something like almost all of it being used, like 90% of it?

    And as far as Safe mode goes: Do you mean to reboot my computer and boot into Safe mode, connect to the 'Net and launch either Edge or IE browser and then see how it goes? Is that what you mean?

    Thanks for any more info or help.
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    Hi Pez,

    It looks like your memory should be fine. I was just curious if you might have been experiencing a possible hardware issue in that area.

    If you're not familiar with what exactly Safe Mode does, then see HERE. Also, 4 Ways To Boot Into Safe Mode In Windows 10.

    In essence, you want to boot using the minimum processes / programs running. If things seemed to back to normal while in Safe Mode, then I would re-boot and just see how they are in regular mode. If you're back to having problems, which I would suspect, then it would point to some type software causing this. If it turns out that it does run Ok in Safe Mode, then we can go from there. (I'd rather see if there's any improvement in Safe Mode before typing it out)

    I take it you were looking for a high percentage of usage of the memory?
    Yes, as well as wondering if anything stood out to you. An example might be that your CPU or memory was pegged out to the max for an extended period of time, but it does not sound like that's the issue.

    If things seem to be pretty much centered around the two Microsoft browsers, then you might want to test a third one. If you're not too excited about installing another browser to just run a test, then perhaps you might want to try a 'portable' browser. Those don't not have to be installed and can run off of a USB if you want. See HERE.


    I just saw that you do have Friefox. I'm not clear if that works fine or not? I did see that it's working better, but is it fully functional?
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