Hi, I'm having issues synchronizing bookmarks between my three win 10 systems - all of which I have logged in with my MS user account and all of which have onedrive installed. What I am seeing is that the machines are not syncing from the most recently updated machine. e.g. I made a change on the bookmarks bar to add a link and that change was not sync'd to my other machines. I made a followup post to a thread regarding settings sync and was given a suggestion to disable sync on the machines that I wanted to be sync'd with the "master" but doing this and then adding them back hasn't caused a sync of bookmarks to occur - at least not for the bookmarks bar. On the two machines to which I wanted bookmarks to be replicated I removed all bookmarks from the "bookmarks bar" folder after turning sync off. After turning it on I had thought that they would sync the bookmarks bar content back from the "master" but this hasn't happened. And yet I know that sync was working at one point because I had bookmarks in the bar on the master that came from the other systems.

The master is the most recently upgraded win 10 machine that I have and was upgraded from win 7. Incidentally, I've also noticed that the two other machines don't show the master on the "new tabs" page as a source for recent web pages. The master shows both of the other machines as a source for searches.

So, with all this background info, my question is: how can I "reset" the other systems and force them to reload all of the bookmarks from my master system? Or do I just give up and export the bookmarks from the master and import them to the other systems and hope sync works from that point on? :)