Hey, I am struggeling with the Edge favorites. (build 1511) I found the favorites in the datastore. I can't make much of what I am seeing there. I see no folders and it's unclear in which folders the favorites go. I have three devices running the 1511 build and synching between them does not seem to work very well. I have put quite some effort in creating a number of favorites in the favorites bar only to seem them deleted for the most part several times now, it really annoys me!

When I import favorites from Chrome they do appear in the Edge browser, but not in the datastore folder you mentioned. And they will seemingly random be deleted in a couple of days I think.

I preferred the previous location of the favorites, at least there one could see folders and maybe organise them that way. Unfortunately sync of the previous folder between devices was a disaster in my case. The favorites in the Edge browser on my devices were not synched properly.

I love Edge's speed and looks but the lack of extensions coupled with this favorites mess is spoiling it for me. Can you help?