I updated my Lenovo Edge 15 to Windows 10 pretty much immediately after I got it earlier this year. But, when I downloaded chrome the tumblr dashboard does not work properly. Images do not load 70% of the time and show little broken picture images, but on other websites there are no problems with images appearing correctly. Even on people's individual blogs appear correctly. The bug also does not allow me to upload pictures correctly.

Over the months I have searched for many solutions and none of them seem to work. This happened to users in Latin America, but I am in the United States. I uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, do not have any extensions downloaded, and my Kapersky Security does not detect any viruses. I'm getting very frustrated and really just need to know how to fix this issue. Many other people do not experience problems with Windows 10 and Chrome.

I have attached a few screenshots to show the extent of the problem. If anyone knows any solutions besides reinstalling chrome, resetting chrome settings, or uninstalling extensions please let me know.
Tumblr Dashboard:
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Tumblr blog:
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