Hi, I'm having an issue with Microsoft Edge Flash not working, specifically on Pandora. I want to like it so much, it's close but it's missing some key features and various annoyances.

Anyways, Adobe Flash works just fine with Microsoft edge.

I have tried the solution to "Reset_Microsoft_Edge" via Windows PowerShell Command, which didn't solve the issue. (Also reset Internet Explorer's settings)

And Yes, before you ask, it's turned on in the settings.

What's very odd is that Pandora doesn't even use flash on other browsers, but it uses HTML 5.

YouTube Loads HTML 5 Videos in Microsoft Edge too, so I'm not sure what the problem is....

To be honest, it's a minor annoyance, Surely I can just use another browser, but that's bedside's the point. It's not working as it should, and I just want it fixed.