I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Instructor and cannot figure out how to sync more than one migrated Outlook Express account. Get error code 0x80072726. After successfully syncing one account, I have spent 5 days trying to sync the second account.

Under Outlook sync settings, I see “snt406-m.hotmail.com” as the Server for the account that’s working. The account that doesn’t work does not have any Server option.

I used PCmover Express to migrate 18,000 Outlook Express” emails from an old XP PC to a new windows 10 PC. I do see the DBX files that were migrated. One migrated email account synced fine. The other account is "not synced yet" after days of syncing. Have no idea what to do next.

If there are two Bellsouth.net email accounts, is there something different I need to do to add the second account? Please advise.