I just reinstalled Windows 10, and Chrome's behavior has changed. Previously, when I clicked on the pinned Chrome icon in the taskbar and a Chrome tab opened, the original pinned icon was the only Chrome icon on the taskbar; and if I clicked on that original icon, I returned to the last open Chrome tab. Now when I click on the pinned Chrome icon a second Chrome icon opens at the end of the taskbar; and if I click on the original pinned Chrome icon an entirely new Chrome window opens. I have posted this issue previously, and the only solution I have received is to move the new Chrome icon into one of the first 10 spots on the Taskbar so it then responds to a Win-Key + number keyboard shortcut. However, not all my pinned programs in the taskbar react like Chrome does. Some do not open a second icon on the taskbar and continue to connect to the instance of the program I have already opened. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?