Hello all,
I'm a web developer, and lately I've noticed that while developing on an online server, with Apache blocking all IP's besides my network to access it, I'm using huge amounts of bandwith.
In order to monitor my bandwith usage, i've used NetLimiter and Netbalancer.
Analysing both, I can say that all my browsers (either chrome, chromium, mozilla, edge) are using amounts between 50-100mb per hour while all I'm doing is browsing my website, or even Google.

Already searched for the same issue on the net, followed a couple of tutorials to remove possible Spy or Malwares, used a couple tools and nothing indicts any kind of malicious software.
I'm currently using Windows 10 for about 2-3 months. I've find this issue either on a clean Windows 10 x64 installation and Updated Version of It.

Any help, would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance