Sorry if this topic is related to Windows XP, rather than Windows 10, but I would like to hear experts' opinion as I cannot find any working solution at Google and YouTube contact is inexistent.

I noticed recently that when clicking on a video in YouTube, Internet Explorer 8 displays only a white window without any text or images whatsoever. The video might start and listen the sound in the white background but it may not. I already have all possible Windows XP Updates and latest version of Adobe Flash and Java. I tried to delete history as suggested, this didn't work. I also tried to uninstall Adobe Flash with their own uninstall utility and reinstall it, this didn't work either. I had no problem watching YouTube videos some days before, so I suspect they changed something on their site and made IE8 totally incompatible. I have no problem watching videos in Firefox, but I want to know what happened in IE8 and if there is any workaround, other than using a different browser. Also Firefox and Google Chrome are not recommended for old computers with low RAM as they consume almost 2-3 times the memory that IE8 uses for the same sites! I would rather avoid other browsers.

Thank you for your help in advance, and excuse me for posting a Windows XP question on a Windows 10 forum.