Hi and thanks for taking the time to look over my question. If it has already been posted, then I apologize, but I could not find it.

I've just upgraded to Win-10 from XP and I'm having an issue with Windows Live Mail 2012. Specifically, the contacts import feature.

I was using XP Home with Outlook Express as my email client. I did export both a .WAB (addressbook) file, as well as a .CSV file from my address book. However, I am not able to "import" it to the Windows Live Mail. At least I'm not able to get the contacts to show up in there.

The import option seems to go through the motions and appears to be working as it should, but when I hit the "To..." button to load a recipient's email address, there are no contacts displayed. It just says; "None of your contacts have an email address defined." I did google the problem, but I really did not find a solution.

The contacts seemed to load fine in the address book and I can see everybody's email addresses, so I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.

I should note that when I imported the contacts, Windows Contacts noted that one of the email addresses was bad, which is an indication that it did import something. Also, I did try using both files, a couple different times and no change.

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