Hi, I am new here. Just got my ASUS Win 10 computer. I made a mistake setting up my Microsoft Account. It asked to register for a Microsoft account and I put my RoadRunner email and then put in a password that I thought was for Windows. I tried to delete this but I understand it is the primary account and cannot be changed so I deleted the entire Microsoft account and used a local account for a few days. Then I decided to give it another try. This time I created an Outlook account and that went well. So did adding my gmail account. However, when I try to add my RoadRunner account with the proper password, it puts in that old password and will not let me change to my RR password. I have deleted this account numerous times but it does not change. I have deleted my cache and other settings in CCleaner but it does not help. The RR account is actually my main email account where I get most of my mail. I can access it through Time Warner's webmail with my email password but I seem to be locked out of using that in the Win 10 mail program even though Win 10 recognizes my primary account as the Outlook.com one with its password. How do I fix this or can I fix this? Is this one of Windows' "gotchas?" Thanks for any advice. Everything else works perfectly. I really, really miss the Windows Mail program from Vista. I lost all of my contacts and all my prior mail. But I can still get into my old Vista computer.