Recent new windows 10 user with new machine. Am very much familiar with windows 7 but took the plunge with a new machine.

Anyway I am using Edge browser a lot but I have also pinned Internet Explorer 11. Wanting to make it look as much like my IE11 on my windows 7 laptop I started tinkering with the look. One mild irritation I have noticed is I enabled 'suggested sites' on the 10 machine for IE11 but when I click the suggested sites link in the toolbar it pulls down the box but shows no links. So it's blank. I thought it was maybe MS and server related issue but I tested the same on my windows 7 machine and it works as expected. Should this be working in Windows 10? Prob most people never use it or may not of even noticed. I just kind of like it, use it on the odd occasion. To be honest I was worried about windows 10 and bugs (not being mature OS and all that) but so far been very impressed. Liking it a lot, so far this is the only tiny issue I've really noticed.