As a Website Designer who has previously been using Windows 7 with the Firefox Browser

I've been taking a very tentative step of Building Some my Websites using Windows10

As I put a Website together you frequently need to Review it in your Browser, to see how it will look

When I've Previewed it in Firefox the Preview Comes up Full Screen (which is just what I want)

But when I preview it in Internet Explorer, it comes up half screen and you have to tick the box at the top to expand it to Full Screen.

Which is fine except I have to do this every single time I want to Preview it.

It always seems to Preview Half Screen by default

Is there any way of fixing this, or will I have to Install Firefox just to get this Function.

I don't want to Install Firefox unless I really have to, as I've heard there could be some compatibility problems, although this maybe just hearsay for all I know.