No Mail app notifications

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    No Mail app notifications

    OK so I've found the first app I like and have converged all my web mail boxes into the Mail app which is convenient and works well, though sometimes its hard to find the download links anywhere which forces me to the web version.

    I get mail notification sounds on my phone but would also like them on the PC. I followed these Windows 8 tutorials for how to enable Toast and Sound mail notifications, but neither are working.
    Mail App Email Notifications - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
    Mail Notification Sound - Change in Windows 8
    Toast Notifications - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

    Anyone else have this problem? Any solution?
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    Try this:

    Make sure that PC Settings - >Notifications -> Mail is ON

    No Mail app notifications-mailapp-notify-.png

    Make sure the mail account in the Mail app is set to notify.
    The only way I could figure out how to get to settings was to click the message (to see older mail...go to settings".

    According to the red letter info, Mail must also be a Lock Screen app. That probably shouldn't be required, IMO.

    No Mail app notifications-mailapp-notify.png
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    Does not work for me, all settings correctly and enabled.
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    Kari said:
    Does not work for me, all settings correctly and enabled.
    Thanks Kari. I don't have notifications set for the Mail App (never in the Mail app settings) so I appreciate you testing it further. Guess it's feeding time for Win10 Preview.

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    Windows 10

    Not in 10 at the moment to check, but are there any options for this in the new notification centre

    When I get a mail I get the original notification at the top right, but also get a duplicate notification the same at the bottom right coming from notification centre, so wondering if the new notifications is somehow blocking them for some people
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    I clicked Notification Center and see recent mail queued but it does not pop up at all so useless. I'd prefer a chime actually. If settings were working it appears I should be able to choose.

    I definitely have Lock Screen disabled so wonder if that's the problem.

    MS needs to hear that a Lock Screen is not a desirable feature on a desktop, strictly a tablet or phone feature IMO.

    79 don't want it, now 80.

    BTW we cannot count on all-powerful telemetry to tell them how many users disable lock screen or anything else, since we learned recently that they never saw how many users added Start menu on 8.
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    gregrocker said:
    MS needs to hear that a Lock Screen is not a desirable feature on a desktop, strictly a tablet or phone feature IMO.

    79 don't want it, now 80.
    I disagree, very strongly. My desktops and laptops (no tablets) are all set to lock after 5 minutes inactivity. I need and a want have the lock screen kicked in when this happens.

    Again one of those things I think should not be presented as "I do not want this feature ergo no one wants it, it must be taken away".
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    Kari, did you see you just quoted me saying that "IMO"?

    I see a conflict with some app settings like Inactivity Timeout carrying over when the desktop is given resurgence, since a billion MS Customers already know how to timeout to their password screen in Power Options.

    I found fairly easy ways on the web to disable Lock Screen and Inactivity Timeout but this reminds me of how we had to import a Start menu into Windows Eight. Desktop users IMO don't want to be inconvenienced like this with unintuitive duplications of already accepted features.

    But something fixed it because just now as I'm pounding out this reply I get a popup and chime for new mail. :)
    Last edited by gregrocker; 09 Nov 2014 at 15:19.
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    Not any more. It's a great feature of the 8 series also.
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    OK, correct that: I have one of my Outlook mail accounts giving pop-up and sound notification, not the other Outlook or my primary Yahoo account. So it looks like a bug.

    Is there another way to report a bug than the feedback app which seems more general?
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