Browsers Hang, Freeze And Crash  

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Browsers Hang, Freeze And Crash

    I'm at the end of the rope on trying to solve this problem. I am using a Dell XPS-17 L702X laptop with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and two internal drives, 500GB each. I have 408 GB of free space on the OS drive, which is Drive C. I am running a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro x64. I've been searching for solutions for days and I've already read the posts on this forum that concern my problem. I have yet to find a solution. This problem occurs with my Pale Moon and Edge browsers, which are both up to date, and my research indicates that the Chrome browser also experiences my problem for some users. I use Pale Moon at all times simply because I've found it to be the best browser available. I tried the Edge browser simply to see if the same browser hang problem occurred while using it, and it does. I didn't have this problem when I did an upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate x64 to Windows 10 Pro x64. My browsers worked perfectly. This problem only occurred after I did a reformat of the Hard Drive and did a clean installation of Windows Pro x64. The browser hangs every minute or less and the hangs several time a minute for about three to five seconds and then everything returns to normal . It freezes occasionally. It crashes but not often. It took me a very long time to compose this post due to all the hangs. Whenever the browsers hang the cooling fan sometimes increases and sometimes it does not. Although I cannot see the words I type while the browser hangs I can continue to type and the words will show once the hanging stops. I don't get black screens and I've never had to reboot. I simply have to wait.

    Device Manager shows two display adapters, the top listing being Intel HD Graphics 3000 and the bottom listing shows NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M. Both adapters show that drivers are installed and list the version number. I've tried updating them in Device Manager and both show as having the latest drivers. I installed and ran the Intel Driver Utility and it shows "No Intel drivers discovered" on my system for the Intel adapter. NVIDIA states that my GeForce GT 555M adapter is not supported on Windows 10 and that they have no intention of providing a driver for my adapter for Windows 10. I don't appreciate NVIDIA's attitude but there's nothing I can do about it. I cannot install an older NVIDIA driver and even if I could I would not be able to run it in compatibility mode as others have tried and it's not possible.

    I checked Dell's website for updated display adapter drivers but Dell states that they do not and will not support Windows 10. Don't ask me why because I don't know although it aggravates me immensely. My laptop certainly has the hardware to support Windows 10. I think that's a poor attitude for Dell to have. I currently have three Dell laptops and three Dell desktops. Dell will get no more business from me, although the company could probably care less. The Dell BIOS is version A19, which is the latest version for my laptop.

    Many people solved their browser hang problems in Windows 10 in various ways but I don't suffer from any of their problems, which were associated with Acronis, dual monitors, the Chrome version of flash, virtual memory size, hardware acceleration, third party software, etc, etc, etc. Acronis is not installed because I had problems with every retail version of Acronis I own and therefore refuse to use it again. I am not running a second monitor. I don't use Chrome. My virtual memory has been set to 4000/8000 MB. I have disabled hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash. There is plenty of storage space in Adobe Flash. I have completely uninstalled Adobe Flash with the Flash Uninstall Utility, rebooted and the problem remains without Adobe Flash being installed. After reinstalling Adobe Flash the problem remains. The problem is not associated with my Microsoft mouse or the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. The mouse cursor will move during the times the browser hangs. I am not using any browser extensions. Using Clean Boot to diagnose the problem provided no relief. Doing a "Windows Repair" showed nothing to repair. sfc /scannow shows no problems with the file system. Kaspersky Internet Security is not causing the problem.

    I apologize for the length of this post but I'd rather provide the information now instead of having many contributors to the forum ask me if I "did this" or "did that" or "it could be this" that causes it or "it could be that" that causes it.

    I would like to solve the problem and continue to use Windows 10. Otherwise, I will be forced to go back to Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.Browsers Hang, Freeze And Crash-device-manager-display-adapters.pngBrowsers Hang, Freeze And Crash-intel-adapter.pngBrowsers Hang, Freeze And Crash-nvidia-adapter.png
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    windows 10 x64

    I'm having almost the exact same issue. Clean install win10x64 Doesn't matter which browser I use. IE, Edge or Chrome. I'm getting random freezes, pauses and lockups. I run triple screen 5760X1080 on sli gtx 670 ftw. Doesn't matter if I'm in surround or not. Same as you I'm sick of it and ready to go back to windows 7 ultimate. Wish I could offer some help
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    I fixed my browser issues, using Firefox and leaving Flash disabled unless I need it. It was the root of all my browser issues and when Firefox disabled it recently because it was out of date, the only time issues came back was when I updated it. Not as bad as you guys but try putting Flash on an enable only basis.
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