I got my new PC yesterday, and it came installed with Windows 10 on it. I noticed the new browser, Microsoft edge. I think its fantastic, however this morning when I restarted my computer something changed in the font. It had changed from the old, regular font to a new, old-fashioned, ugly font (which I eventually found out was Consolas.) I searched everywhere on the internet to find a solution on how to change the font, however I found no answer. I then tried to delete the font from the system, which it did. It removed it from the system. However, it was still being used in Microsoft edge somehow and the problem remained. The font is only as Consolas when I search on a search engine, and it shows up on the results and in the search bar. Also, it shows up on some websites where it defaults to the default font. Why has my font changed? How can I fix it and get back the old regular font? Do I need to reinstall Microsoft Edge? If so, how?

Thanks, Joe.