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    Windows 10 Mail Question

    Hi! I added both my outlook e-mail account and my gmail account on the windows 10 mail app...The problem i noticed is that when you a delete an e-mail on the app (from either the outlook account or the gmail account) it doesn't also delete it from the actual outlook or gmail account. I know that because if i log directly into the web versions of those accounts, that the messages i deleted are still there.

    Do they get deleted after a certain period of time? I thought this was supposed to get synched to the account so that they work together...

    Also, i don't always seem to get the notifications from the "action center" on windows 10, even though i have it set in the settings of each account to notify me and play the sound...

    I like using the app, but those two aspects are a bit annoying...anyone have any ideas?
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  2.    08 Oct 2015 #2

    Looks like i will be answering my own question...
    this is what i discovered:

    Figured it out...i hadn't had it "synch" with the other parts of the gmail like sent folder, all mail folder, etc...once i did that, now it seems to be in synch with deleting as takes a while before it reaches the gmail server but it is working now
    And that even includes promotional and social mail (web gmail divides regular mail, promotional and social on to separate sections)

    The promotional and social is primarily advertisement mail...seems like i only get alerted when it is regular mail coming in, but then the same thing happens on the gmail in my synched android smart phone...

    By the way, do i need to leave the mail app open on the taskbar to get the mail notification alerts as soon as they come in?

    I think i can work with this...i actually kind of like the mail app and it is convenient to use...
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    I don't use the mail app, don't like it myself, but their are lots of folks that do, also should note that it still has a few problems for Microsoft to iron out. Their was a new update out for it this morning in the store app. You should have automatically received it.

    Their is also a forum on here where some guys are discussing the mail app you are using. You might want to check out this conference. Mail Notification Question Might find some useful information their.
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    Sounds like similar issues to the ones discussed in other thread

    Syncing should be immediate, notifications should be immediate and both should work with the app open or closed, try leaving it open and see how it goes

    Plenty of things to try in the thread mentioned, see if they improve things for you, if not, it seems to be just a waiting game
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  5.    08 Oct 2015 #5

    Thanks guys, i will definitely check out that link you gave me...yeah, i guess some things still need to be worked out...but i am glad to see that it is synching now and that i am getting the notifications :)

    The notifier does work fine and i get them right away with the app open....haven't tried it again with the app closed yet...
    Although according to a friend of mine, he says he gets the notifications as they come in, even with the app closed...i am going to try it like that too...

    I was just wondering, is there a way of adding e-mail contacts on this mail app? If i type in a new e-mail contact on the compose message and send the mail, it does remember as far as auto-completing but i was just wondering if there is something in here where you can add a list of contacts and select from them if you desire...
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    Ok....once i took the app off the task bar, i received no notifications at all...but if the app is on on the taskbar and minimized, then i receive all notifications and they come in as soon as they i can see that it has to be left open...
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  7.    09 Oct 2015 #7

    Craig said: View Post
    Ok....once i took the app off the task bar, i received no notifications at all...but if the app is on on the taskbar and minimized, then i receive all notifications and they come in as soon as they i can see that it has to be left open...
    That seems to be the only way for those of us that have issue to get notifications reliably

    Fingers crossed that when the big update comes in November it will resolve the issue and mail can be either closed or open and notifications work
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  8.    09 Oct 2015 #8

    Absolutely, no doubt it will improve as we get updates for the mail's quite usable as it currently is and i plan on continuing to use it, and hopefully it will get more refined as time goes by...

    I did notice this morning, when i booted up my computer, that even though i had not as yet opened the mail program, within a few minutes of the computer being on, all of a sudden the action center notified me and showed all the headers of my waiting e-mails. So apparently that works pretty good, but then of course you need to leave the app minimized on the tray to get reliable and immediate notifications as your mails come in, as you and others in the forum have mentioned...

    It would also be nice if they would add a contacts list, so you could add, delete and modify your contact right in the mail app...
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