Latest Firefox Released for Windows

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       09 Dec 2017 #811

    meebers said: View Post
    I believe you are correct. It is on my little lappy (32GB memory) will look at it again in the morning. It was fine until the last update. EDGE lost all my bookmarks. Drats!
    Hoo Boy! If you have anything in FF worth saving, you'd best do it, since FF may not (or may) save your bookmarks when it's uninstalled.

    I had one of those little 32 GB Lappies, and the stupid thing would clean install Windows Insider Build, but updating wouldn't work. I took the first one back and got another one, but ran into the same problem, so took it back too. Even with an external hard drive, things would not work. Too little storage.

    Oh, and you might try Vivaldi ( Browser. I'm learning it . . . Oh! This is the Firefox thread. Sorry, folks.
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  2.    09 Dec 2017 #812

    I can always re-sync FF with my desk top edition. (-_-) Memory is 13GB used 16GB free
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  3.    19 Dec 2017 #813

    Firefox 58 Beta 12 is out

    Directory Listing: /pub/firefox/releases/58.0b12/

    Change Log


    1. NIGHTLY +22
    2. #1419007
    3. #1423770
    4. #1424373
    5. #1425623 [Core:Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph]-Avoid heap memory allocation on MSG::UpdateGraph [Uns][]
    6. #1424768 [Coreisability Access APIs]-telemetry accessible tree update time [Uns][]
    7. #1303957 [CoreOM]-Add support for PointerEvent.getCoalescedEvents() [Uns][]
    8. #1412775 [CoreOM]-Implement Event.composedPath [Uns][]
    9. #1425509 [CoreOM]-Crash in performance.timeOrigin [Uns][]
    10. #1422316 [CoreOM: Workers]-WorkerJSRuntime::Shutdown doesn't call parent CycleCollectedJSRuntime::Shutdown [Uns][]
    11. #1424336 [CoreOM: Workers]-Crash in mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerLoadInfo::GetPrincipalAndLoadGroupFromChannel due to MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(mLoadingPrincipal) [Mac][]
    12. #1425504 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Shape::update is not defined anywhere [Uns][]
    13. #1413512 [Core:Networking: FTP]-Get telemetry on how often we see HTTP(S) -> FTP redirects [Uns][[necko-triaged]]
    14. #1418694 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-WebRTC microphone input not working (regression) [Lin][]
    15. #1425596 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-Stop busy looping in mFakeAudioDevice [Uns][]
    16. #1425820 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Wayland] - WindowSurfaceWayland build fix [Lin][]
    17. #1260598 [Firefoxisability Access]-Investigate emitting events for page-tab selection changes prior to events for newly-active document [Lin][]
    18. #1404769 [Toolkit:Form Autofill]-[Form Autofill] The documentation of the architecture and parser in FormAutofillHeuristics [All][[form autofill]]
    19. #1406585 [Toolkit:Form Manager]-autocomplete widget remains open if window closed underneath it [Uns][]
    20. #785931 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Remove unused probes GRADIENT_DURATION and GRADIENT_RETENTION_TIME [Oth][[good first bug][lang=c++]]
    21. #1425343 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Restrict parent-only Telemetry-internal probes to parent process [Uns][]
    22. #1414018 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-Redirect current tab to new New Tab after disabling New Tab extension in doorhanger [Uns][]
    23. #1423626 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-Installing the 'Quantum Lights dynamic theme' extension breaks resizing the window on Windows 10 [Uns][]

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       19 Dec 2017 #814

    Yup Josey, I downloaded it this morning :)
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  5.    27 Dec 2017 #815

    Firefox 57.03 was released today.
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  6.    27 Dec 2017 #816

    exploder said: View Post
    Firefox 57.03 was released today.
    Very Cool....I will have to grab it :)
    Hasn't come down to me yet (just checked for updates) but if you got it, we should all be getting it within the next few hours...
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  7.    27 Dec 2017 #817

    Oops, it's 57.0.3 lol, you get the idea though.
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  8.    27 Dec 2017 #818

    exploder said: View Post
    Oops, it's 57.0.3 lol, you get the idea though.
    Yes, I got the idea and update too. Hope it solves all the crashing I'm experiencing with 57.x.x from beginning.
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  9.    27 Dec 2017 #819

    Still waiting for Fx 58 BETA 13
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       27 Dec 2017 #820

    exploder said: View Post
    Firefox 57.03 was released today.
    Still nothing official yet at Mozilla.
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