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    Windows 10

    elbmek said:
    What I do know is its not Win 10 and its not the video card.
    all the "experts" say uncheck 'Use hardware acceleration when available'

    Makes sense though if you read Koroush Ghazi's write-up on it:

    Use hardware acceleration when available: If this option is ticked, Firefox will use Hardware Acceleration wherever possible to improve the speed with which pages are displayed. This means Firefox will utilize your GPU (graphics card), if you have one, instead of your CPU, to speed up page rendering. Windows Vista/7/8 benefits more fully from hardware acceleration than Windows XP, as under Vista/7/8 both Direct2D and Direct3D acceleration are enabled. Note that altering this setting requires a full restart of Firefox before the change is implemented.

    To check the status of hardware acceleration in Firefox at any time, type About:Support into the Address Bar and press Enter. Then check the 'gfx.direct2d.disabled' field, and the 'DirectWrite Enabled' field - these will say True if hardware acceleration is enabled, and False if it is not. The 'GPU Accelerated Windows' field will show '1/1 Direct3D 10' or '1/1 Direct3D 9' depending on the level of Direct3D support when hardware acceleration is enabled, or '0/1 Basic' if Direct3D acceleration is disabled. To test and compare your actual hardware acceleration performance after making any changes, first exit and restart Firefox, then run this test to see how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you get with and without hardware acceleration.

    An unfortunate side-effect of enabling hardware acceleration in Firefox is that the text rendering method changes to one which some users may find displeasing. Fonts may appear blurry, overly thin, oddly spaced or inconsistently rendered across various sites. The easiest way to fix this issue is to disable hardware acceleration and restart Firefox - text rendering will now revert back to its original and familiar look. A slightly better method of fixing this issue is to keep the hardware acceleration option ticked, but set the gfx.direct2d.disabled preference to True - see the Advanced Tweaking section for details. This disables Direct2D acceleration while keeping Direct3D acceleration enabled. Another alternative is to keep the hardware acceleration option ticked, and install the Anti-Aliasing Tuner add-on, which allows customization of font appearance, while keeping the full advantages of hardware acceleration. Open the Options for this add-on (under Firefox menu button>Add-ons>Extensions), and try this suggested configuration: set Anti-Aliasing mode to ClearType and Rendering Mode to 'Natural Symmetric' for both text sizes, then tick all the 'ClearType Level' and 'Enhanced Contrast' boxes and set them to 100%. This will not be ideal, but you can experiment further to see if you can further customize text appearance to suit your taste.

    Another aspect to consider regarding hardware acceleration is that disabling it may actually provide the best overall performance and stability in Firefox. With hardware acceleration enabled, the GPU will continually cycle between 2D and 3D clock speeds, and there may be periodic stuttering/pauses on certain pages, such as those with Flash video or heavy scripting. This is neither good for the GPU, nor good for smoothness. Enabling hardware acceleration can also result in Firefox crashes. Therefore I recommend experimenting with disabling hardware acceleration to see if it improves your browsing experience.
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 11 Home x 64 on Surface 9

    BunnyJ said:
    More than likely it's an issue with FF
    me too
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 11 Home x 64 on Surface 9

    Reading FB and this, 5 times in 10 mins, closes FB down and replaces it with this:

    Give up with FF
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Latest Firefox Released for Windows-screen.jpg  
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    elbmek said:
    Reading FB and this, 5 times in 10 mins, closes FB down and replaces it with this:

    Give up with FF
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    No problem with Facebook (which I only use to 'Like' things to get offers...!).
    v44.02 (latest)

    Direct2d enabled = TRUE, DirectWriteEnabled = TRUE
    32 bit FF on 64 bit Win 10.
    Are you using 64 bit FF?
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 11 Home x 64 on Surface 9

    yes 64 bit. I will try 32 bit, but may already have done so, checking ...........

    No good. I installed 32 bit and went into FB, tried to reply to a post and Blam!! Green screen. 32 bit now out as well!
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    I hardly dare to suggest trying safe mode.. but from the above, sounds sthg more basic. Revert to previous build..
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 11 Home x 64 on Surface 9

    I deleted it, and made Chrome default. Its not happening now.
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    Windows 10 Home

    Using 64 bit Fx 45 beta 6 and for incompatible addons I use Nightly Tester Tools addon.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 bit Version 21H2

    New - Mozilla Firefox Version 45.0
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