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IE 11 works fine in Safe Mode. Reset IE 11 and all the bogus cures from the Internet cowboys, but nothing changed; IE 11 will not start in Windows 10 normal run. I think something got whacked in the registry keys. Seeing how we have twin PC's maybe I can compare registry entries for Internet Explorer and emulate mine with her keys, huh?
I just resolved issue with IE 11 in Windows 10 pro x64 bit 1709 buildDell e6430 16GB RAM I-7 processorWhile all other browsers were running without issues IE 11 was not responding. Since it would immediately crash after launch I was not able to get to tools tab and do any setting changes. Have tried various options from forums suggestions but non worked. Finally I gave a shot to last option I could come up with that would not involve resetting OS (IE 11 is part of Win 10 OS).1. Open control panel from search bar2. Go to Programs and open Turn Windows features on or off3. Uncheck Internet Explorer 114. Disregard warning and click YES5. Reboot computer6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and check Internet Explorer 11 box.7. Disregard warning if comes up and click YES8. Reboot machine 9. Open internet explorer Internet explorer was functioning for me and I was able to go tools tab and disable add-ons During the reset I disable temporary Symantec Endpoint enterprise security software, just in case) but I don't think that was necessary. If these steps solved your problem please check box with YES.
Thank you and good luck