Hello everybody,

I am having an issue with Mozilla Thunderbird. During installation on Windows 10, I chose to pin it to the taskbar.

Today, I tried to unpin Thunderbird from the taskbar; unfortunately this resulted in a phantom/ghost icon. I can move its position on the taskbar in the same way as other icons. I can right-click on it, which brings up the same Thunderbird context menu as before. However, a left-click does not start Thunderbird (or do anything).

After this, I repinned Thunderbird to the taskbar but that did not help. At this point I had two icons for Thunderbird: a phantom/ghost and one that worked as it should.

Now, I try to unpin the working Thunderbird icon. The result is two phantom/ghost icons for Thunderbird.

I have no idea what is going on. Please help. Thank you!

Kind regards,

PS: If you could direct me to a built-in GUI taskbar manager of some kind that would be awesome!