I have 4 browsers on my PC -- Edge, IE11, Firefox and Chrome. I'd been using IE11 and noticed that it apparently synced my Favorites from Chrome, including the mobile bookmarks I saved on my Android phone. That sync activity also seemed to rearrange the order of links on my IE11 Favorites Bar.

Please help me understand how my browsers interact and sync with each other under Win10.

In my Win10 settings panel, I have Win10 set to sync browser settings but I thought that only applied to Edge. In addition to that Win10 sync setting, it looks like Google also syncs between at least some of the browsers. Do these sync settings play well with each other? Should all 4 of the above mentioned browsers sync with each other, and how do I make sure that the sync picks up my latest changes across all browsers and doesn't cause any to revert back to an older state?