this app has been sloggy, but now, when i finally get it to my hotmail account, it closes unexpectedly. first of all, it automatically opens to my gmail account rather than the hotmail. if i try to sync to receive new mail or click on a message, it will close instead of performing the requested task. also, while cleaning out the gmail account, it closed unexpectedly and when i reopened it, deleted mail was restored.
today, i received a notification that my hotmail account "needed attention", and when i tried to check the account on the mail app, i was unable to, so went to webmail to ensure that account hadn't been hacked. i was able to sign on at the site--so why was i told by mail app that it "needed attention"?
and, as i mentioned, app is 'sloggy'--it takes forever to switch accounts, show a message and delete messages. any ideas about any of this??
edit: after op, i reopened mail app and it did open to my hotmail (outlook) account, but shows "not synced yet". if i click to sync, the app closes...