Why Can't I Paste In Hotmail/Outlook Any More?

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    Why Can't I Paste In Hotmail/Outlook Any More?

    Suddenly, for no reason, I don't seem to be able to right click and paste in the text of an Oulook email any more. Right clicking pointlessly gives font change options, etc instead. I say pointlessly, because the same options appear two inches above anyway. Will be very grateful if anyone can figure out how I reset things so right click = cut, copy, paste, etc, etc - like it always did. I have no idea where to find these when sending an email.

    Why Can't I Paste In Hotmail/Outlook Any More?-screenshot-2023-04-28-10-54-57-email-ian-derrick-outlook.png
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    Please might I first check that I understand you correctly.
    In my online Outlook account, New email the context menu while I'm writing the email text or writing in the To input box always includes Paste even if it is greyed out because the clipboard is empty.
    Why Can't I Paste In Hotmail/Outlook Any More?-outlook-email-context-menu.png
    I think you are saying that your context menu does not show Paste at all.

    Have I understood you correctly?
    If so, I suggest
    - You try another browser as a test to see if the problem is a browser fault or not. I used Edge for my screenshot.
    - It might also be worth trying Ctrl-V to see if pasting works despite not being shown in your context menu.

    Best of luck,
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    Well, I couldn't tell what you were running in that window, so on the off-chance I opened up my Outlook.com email in F-Fox, and a rt-click got this:
    Why Can't I Paste In Hotmail/Outlook Any More?-so-do-i.png
    I have no idea if the Outlook.com web interface has ever offered a 'normal' (ie, like Explorer) context menu, but it sure doesn't now. Still, CTRL-V works fine, as does the F-Fox menu item Edit>Paste.

    NB Edge does offer 'paste' as well as the same font options. But fails to insert an adressee when selected from contacts list (I never use Edge, except for compatibility tests such as this).

    NBB The 'search' option in Outlook.com when trying to add an addressee is also bust - does nothing. Glad I hardly ever use the web interface.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170


    My context menu screenshot was taken while my cursor was in the email body i.e. while I was typing out an email.
    I got the same context menu when I put my cursor in the To input box.
    I was using Edge.

    Where was your cursor when you made your screenshot?
    Which browser[s] did you try?

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    Thanks to both of you for your replies. I'm using Firefox. Before when I wanted to paste something (a link, a word or sentence) in a Hotmail/Outlook email I used to do the following -

    Highlight whatever needed copying from another open tab, right click, click copy. Then in the text area of the email i'm writing I would right click, I would get a box like in Try3's reply, select paste, and click on it = whatever I was pasting was pasted.

    Now when I right click in the email text area I get the box in my OP showing font options, etc, etc.

    Basically what I need to do is -

    1) Can I restore it so right clicking in an Oulook email in Firefox gives me copy and paste options, not font options?

    or, if not possible to restore this function

    2) How do I paste something in the text of an email? Where do I click or what do I select to get 'paste'?
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    Answered already: just type CTRL-v, or click Edit>Paste (in F-Fox)
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    Are you sure when right clicking and copying a text in FF, it shows up in the clipboard? I noticed after some FF updates that in some (all?) cases right click copying does not place a text on the clipboard. But using the menu it always works.
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    simple solution

    My right clip/paste function was not working in Hotmail no matter what browser I used. I could cut and copy but when I tried to paste, it would tell me that my browser did not have access to the clipboard. But it was every browser, and only in Hotmail, so made no sense. Worked fine with Gmail. So had to be an outlook setting. Finally figured out....If you click on the three dots at the top of a message you are composing...look for "switch to plain text". You will then be able to right-click/paste. It will stay for that message, but is not permanent...when you compose another email, it reverts back to HTML. Once you have pasted it, you can go back to HTML if you want, and it will keep the paste. Control-V may be just as easy....
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