Callender said:
I'm talking about Edge user profiles as stored by the browser. I'm not meaning other devices. Look for profiles here;

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data

The usual profile folder is named "Default" and inside that there is a folder named "Sessions"

If it exists deleted the session file and tab file inside the folder.

Then launch Edge.

Or go to Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default then rename "Default" to Default.old or something like that.

Then launch Edge. Obviously if you rename the folder it won't load your profile when launched and it will create a new Default profile.

Then you can copy bookmarks, history and so on from your old renamed default.old folder into the new "Default" folder.

Thanks for your reply!

I'm working through the information you posted now.

However, one problem I've been unable to solve is this:
Whenever Edge crashes it seems to also crash Windows Explorer as well as the inbuilt Windows 10 "Photos" App.

Does this happen to anyone else?