Is Vivaldi Browser Over The Top For You??

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    3nd said:
    nevermind ,it seems to have sorted itself out lol, the background stays on now
    Oh, great! Thanks for letting me know. :)

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    Purpleroses said:
    I found this in temp folder] Failed creating a firewall rules. Continuing with install. I don't see any firewall rules, Am I doing something wrong?
    Do you use any third party anti virus software with strong settings?

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    EnvioX said:
    used to be with the vertical tab and auto hide vertical tab
    You can put the Tab Bar vertically on the side of the browser window in Vivaldi too. There's no auto hide option yet, but the feature request on the Vivaldi forum already has a fair amount of upvotes, so the likelihood of it getting implemented is there. You can add your vote here. For now, you could create a keyboard shortcut or a mouse gesture for toggling the visibility of the Tab Bar.
    Instead of the Tab Bar you could view and manage your Tabs from the Window Panel, which is also on the side of the window and does have the auto hide option. Or use Quick Commands.
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    Do you use any third party anti virus software with strong settings?
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    Yes I do have a third party anti virus and firewall with strong settings. I can play games and search on the browser. Just was nervous if my computer was at risk. What happens when a browser does not create firewall rules? Is there any thing I need to worry about.

    I should clarify a few things. It did download on to my computer. I could open the browser an search and play pogo games.with in the browser. I noticed in my temp folder that under Vivaldi_installer is where I saw] Failed creating a firewall rules. Continuing with install. Do I need to be looking at that?
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    just an FYI. It's possible to install a standalone version.

    Using a standalone version of Vivaldi | Vivaldi Browser Help
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    JaneN said:
    You can put the Tab Bar vertically on the side of the browser window in Vivaldi too
    i will give Vivaldi a 3rd times chance lol
    who knows.. it already better than before (i use Vivaldi from the start)
    i leave it because Vivaldi eat my ram and too much feature that i no need in that time.
    then i remove i back to chrome... brave.... other chromium based.. back to Vivaldi.. re-uninstall because still ram-hog,,,,

    now let see
    i hope better
    glad to know Vivaldi hear the community voices

    few hours later

    Vivaldi look great today...
    but what i cant tell...
    i cannot ask custom browser right lol

    well maybe you can made it as one of next feature:
    Question: ... will i use Vivaldi?
    answer: yes if:
    1. auto hide vertical tab
    2. custom suspend/hibernate tab timer
    3. clear history cookies etc. (with option and exception cookies clean) on exit
    4. ability to disable build-in feature (i will disable this):
    4.a. ad block I really love ublock and it ability to block some custom tag not only for ads
    4.b. translator... I use google translator ..why... Bahasa Indonesia better translated from google translate

    and what already make me love Vivaldi today (and since beginning)?
    1. more zoom level
    2. a little bit lighter than before
    3. integrated of email and calendar ( even i can use addon on other browser. but better if all in )
    4. custom themes
    5. custom placement tab ( i use Yandex because i can move tab to the bottom )
    6. bookmark bar with separator
    7. ability to keep history in xx period (even i more prefer to use clear on exit, but better to keep history in 1 weeks )

    i think this is impossible feature:
    1. alt+tab between application and browser tab

    but once again
    what i need... is only me....
    i cant change the game
    i know that....

    so this posting is... personal my own opinion...
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    JaneN said:
    I'm glad you figured out how to import your contacts, but the screenshot you shared is from the Vivaldi email service's webmail interface. A couple of weeks ago we released the 1.0 versions of Vivaldi browser's built-in mail, calendar and feeds clients.
    • You can add most email accounts to Vivaldi Mail, to manage all your mail from one place.
    • You can use Vivaldi Calendar either locally and/or add online and web calendars.
    • The browser detects pages that include feeds, so you can add them easily to Vivaldi Feeds to curate your own news feed instead of having it curated for you. For example, less conventional feeds you can subscribe to are YouTube channels
    I have Vivaldi Mail in the browser as well. I'm searching for the best method to import From Thunderbird to Vivaldi Mail if it's possible. I've tried to set up my Telus account. Whether it is manual or auto it just sits there and nothing happens. Here's a screenshot of my setting Telus and Vivaldi. Any suggestions?

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    The account is added now "Don't Ask" and everything is there. I'm not leaving Thunderbird yet! But will Vivaldi mail and Thunderbird conflict. meaning, will Vivaldi receive mail and Thunderbird not if I have both of them open?? Very Cool by the way...

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    OK, I have Vivaldi and Thunderbird open. In Vivaldi, I moved email into some folders. I then checked Thunderbird and the email transfer is precisely the same. meaning they work in sync! I then sent an email from another Gmail account of mine and both received the mail. I'll continue to play with Vivaldi Mail and one day make it my default. Maybe...

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    OK, I just set up 3 alternate email accounts in Vivaldi. 1 Hotmail 2 Gmail and 3 my ISP Telus account. and it is so stinking easy! This is my easy way inside the Vivaldi browser. But of course, you'll need a account first. A picture says a thousand words. Also check this link for more information---> Add And Manage Email Accounts This forum blends multiple screenshots so it's the one at the bottom.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Is Vivaldi Browser Over The Top For You??-telus-settings.png   Is Vivaldi Browser Over The Top For You??-vivaldi-e-mail.png  
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