OK, here's the order of awful events:

1. I install Windows 10, and there's much rejoicing (for about a week).
2. I switch to MS Edge because it seems so awesome. I move all of my browser favorites from Chrome to Edge, and them remove them from Chrome to "clean it up" (since I now only use Chrome for work-related stuff). I realize, looking back, what a dumb move this was.
3. In my irrational exuberance over Windows 10, I don't bother backing up my favorites.
4. It all falls apart about a week in, when I experience, a) Idle computer turning into a black screen with no mouse and a non-responsive keyboard, b) The dreaded Win 10 reboot loop, c) Laptop overheating that actually BURNS skin, and d) a complete meltdown of the system, which includes failure of all diagnostic tests and an eventual emergency factory reset of the laptop.
5. During this reset, of course, I tried to save some files, but I wasn't that successful. I was so frustrated at that point that I just opted to move forward with the complete wipe so I could have a working computer.
6. After some tough love and trust exercises, I reinstalled Windows 10 and we're living in a kind of delicate peace.

EXCEPT - all of my dozens of bookmarks, collected over several years, are completely gone. I can't find them in any hidden nook of the computer, nor in any of my backup files on my external drive. Am I screwed? Tell it to me straight.