Hi there
Edge running on Fedora rel 34 ( remember fedora 34 is itself a beta release too) with kernel 5-11-14-300.fc34.x89_64 running quite well -- giving Firefox a run for its money !!! although I still prefer menus in FF and the better toolbars.

Anybody running Linux VM's -- try it -- it seems a much better performer on Linux than Windows !!

Build is ver 91 (DEV)

Edge surprisingly good on Linux !!!-screenshot_20210417_124528.png

I've already tried on Arch Linux -- even easier installing it on that - just install from the AUR.

For Fedora just download the .rpm file from Microsoft and install. - Should work for SUSE/OPENSUSE and other .rpm types of package installation. For UBUNTU etc use the .deb files and appropriate package manager.