Hello, I have a odd problem that i investigate at the moment. But could not understand what is causing it. We have a webapplication that shows maps with details like streets and water pipelines and so on. When some users minimize their webbrowsers ( in Win 10) and then after approx 10-30 minutes maximize browser the details like pipelines are not visible anymore but the map is showing.They need to do a refresh of the site to see them again. When i do this on my pc (Win 10) i dont have this problem, even after 4-5 hours. But several other users have this problem. I have done updates of their pc:s like graphic card drivers, network card drivers, pc:s are fully updated with all Win updates. This behavior shows up in MS Edge Chromium, IE11, and latest Chrome. Is there something in the webbrowser settings that can affect this behavior? I suspect that this is a browser problem, but of course it can be graphic card issue as well, not sure anymore.Someone have any idea or has seen this behavior before?