I'm on Windows 10, my Edge and Chrome browers come up in Portuguese. For 3 months, I've tried to figure out why and now looking for some help. Here's the thing, it comes and goes. I might open Edge and it will be in English. I'll do email...come back, and it's in Portuguese. If I enter:

IBM - United States for the web address. Upon hitting enter, it quickly changes to:

IBM - Brasil ....asking to translate it.

Both browers have the language set to US English. If I jump into powershell, here's what I have set for the location:

PS C:\Users\Tom-Sandy> get-winsystemlocale

LCID Name DisplayName
---- ---- -----------
1033 en-US English (United States)

I thought maybe adware, so I ran cccleaner, spybot, malwarebytes & hijackthis. Everything is clean.

If I look right now, it's in english. tomorrow morning, it will be Portuguese. Any ideas what I've over looked?

Thanks, Tom