Currently running the latest Windows 10 (20H2) created from the Media Creation Tool and this Windows 10 release now has Edge Chromium installed by default. However, when I go into the Edge settings and choose About Microsoft Edge, it will automatically update itself and this is a bit time consuming. I know it is really not so long time to update, but still.

And that is not the only issue, because I know some new settings were appearing that I never even realized before the updating and that is kind of annoying as well. So I had to go back to the settings menu and disable those settings.

Would it be an issue in case I need to reinstall Windows 10 by first downloading and installing the very latest versions of Edge from the below link or will this cause problems since Edge Chromium is now installed by default?

Download Microsoft Edge for Business - Microsoft

In other words, if I install Edge manually with the updated version of Edge, will it over-ride the settings for Edge that was first installed by Windows 10 at the very beginning of the installation?

Of course, I need to keep track of the above download link as well to maintain and keep track of the updates from there as well and then after that, I would store these Edge update setup files to my USB stick and then install manually.